TURBOPY is a very powerful tool for creating websites that are easy to customize and access by developers and non-developers. The core is proven to be stable in various projects since years now. Help testing TURBOPY and download the beta now. The beta comes with the core functionalities and a testsite for a quick start.

All you need is a working PHP 5.2+/MONGODB installation (ideally nginx with php5-fpm, for outstanding performance -> howto). If you don't have a working linux installation available, you can also try the quickstart windows server environment including nginx, mongodb and PHP.

Free help is available at the friendly mailinglist. Please don't hestitate to file bugs in the bugtracker.

Stay informed about new betas and other releases with the feed of your choice:


Installation notes:
1. Make sure you have MongoDB and PHP 5.2+ installed
2. Copy contents of zip file to domain root
3. Set up server to redirect non-existing files to index.php
4. Start server, browse to your domain and run the install tool
Consider also to grab your registered download now, your benefits:

- Free extensions for early adopters
- Free upgrades until next major version, at least for 6 months
- Personal support for troubleshooting installation problems
- Full access to the TURBOPY extension market and many more

Checkout the license comparison sheet

The authorization code for the installer is

I accept the TURBOPY end user license agreement
TURBOPY may be used up to 30 days, after that period you are required to purchase a license if you use it comercially or on a public server. Private non-public use is free.

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