Four simple steps to get your installation running


Step1: Download

Download the package for windows that includes a full environment including NGINX and MongoDB. If you don't want to use windows you need a working MongoDB and PHP 7 server setup- ideally NGINX but Apache will work too. Details about server configuration can be found here. The next two steps assume that you use the quickstart package, otherwise you will need a working installation - you also have to make sure your mongodb database is installed and configured.

Step 2: Unzip

Unzip the package and copy it to C:\TURBOPY. This path is needed for the server environment to work - D:\ for example will not work without changing paths in some files.

Step 3: Start the server

Doubleclick C:\TURBOPY\start.bat. A command line window should open and if you are asked about rights for the services you should allow local internet access. Public will work too but local works just fine.

Step 4: Install TURBOPY

Open the URL http://localhost/install.php in your browser and run the install tool.
Now you see the main configuration file and you can enter the credentials of the first admin user. For quick testing it is not necessary to change anything in the configuration. If you have a custom environment where db authentification is required you have to make sure you change the db configuration accordingly.
If everything is ok you will be automatically logged in after that step. You can change the settings any time in tPy_conf.php.
HINT: If you see a blank page instead of the install tool it is most likely that another application uses port 80 on your machine. Skype does this if you don't start it *after* starting the server environment.There is also a "world wide web publishing service" often enabled by default on windows which has to be deactivated. More information on this service can be found here.

Additional things you might want to change soon

Mail configuration
tPy_mail uses the php mail method by default if no smtp server credentials are set in tPy_conf. The default mail() function of php is often problematic because it is a science in its own right to assure high mail deliverability. We recommend services (many of them are free for smaller volumes) that do this for you. If the smtp server credentials are set you can use it right away.

Minifyfing client includes
tPy_minify is used in order to minify the client include files on production servers. The default setup uses a public service which is fine for low volume and testing but for production systems you should consider installing your own uglify.js or similar service.

Youtube API
If you want to add Youtube videos with drag and drop you have to provide a youtube api key.
The setting can be found in the top area of js/tPy_site.js.